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        Stealth Cloaker Script File Size:  0.049 M  
The idea behind STEALTH CLOAKER is that you have two types of entrance pages on your web site. You have the kind you want search engines to see and the kind you want everyone else to see. You show the web surfer a different page than the search engine. That's a simplified version of what this script does. The possibilities behind this script are limited only by one's imagination.
        PryTracker Script File Size:  0.004 M  
This scripts main purpose is to let visitors and yourself know that someone has tried to enter a directory that you don't want them to have access to. Most servers require that your directory files are not exposed. PryTracker will e-mail you the details of an unauthorized visitor trying to take a peek at your directories. The script also writes the attempts to the PryTracker.txt file, just incase your e-mail is not working! Two files make this a simple but extremely useful script!
        Free Serve Script File Size:  0.023 M  
Are you familiar with FFA (Free For All) pages? Ever wanted one for yourself or better yet, one that you could sell? Here ya are!
        MultiHost Script File Size:  0.003 M  
Allows you to have more than one domain name per IP address or virtual hosting account. It also allows webmasters to have sub-domains of their domain name.
        ClickBank Search Script File Size:  0.004 M  
This is a proven money maker and....get a load of this....you will have the opportunity to purchase the Master Resell Rights to this top selling script! That's right, you can download it here, use it and be done with it, if that's as far as you want to go. However, if you like it and wished you could sell it with transferable resell rights, we have included that very opportunity in the README file! Ok, sounds great but what does the script do?
        Ultimate AdTraker File Size:  0.049 M  
Track your ads, downloads, affiliate links and more! Features: *Track hits by using different URL's for *each ad campaign *Password Protected Admin area *Complete Statistics MUCH MORE!
        Postcard Script File Size:  0.258 M  
With features like option to pick which picture you want to send, add your own comment, preview the card prior to sending, recipient receives an e-mail notifying them of the postcard, and even more, it's hard to go wrong with this one!
        Affiliate Master Script File Size:  0.037 M  
Once you have a product to sell there is no better way to sell it than starting an affiliate program for it. And when you have an affiliate program, why not automate it? That's the purpose of this quality script. Nicely done.
        Server Info Script File Size:  0.001 M  
This is one of those useful little scripts that is simple to install and worth every bit of it's 1 kb size. Install it and then surf to it in your browser. It will provide you with all of your server info on a single page. Ideal if you host web space. Provide a link to the page this script produces and all information anyone needs to install a script is right there!
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