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        IntroTicker with fade effect and preload feature File Size:   M  
text. This new introticker combines an eyecatching fade effect with a very useful preload-feature. While your visitors are reading your messages the next webpage will be prelaoded and cached. After preloading the introticker automatically stops and opens the preloaded webpage. Netscape Navigator 6x and Explorer 4x/5x/6x.
        Image Scroller File Size:   M  
image. Create an eyecatching image and text scroller for your visitors. Add a link to each picture. Easy configuration of font-attributes. This smart slide scroller fits anywhere into your webpage. Netscape Navigator 4x/5x/6x and Explorer 4x/5x/6x.
        Magic transformer File Size:   M  
animation. How can you transform your visitors into Supermen, Sitting Bulls Santa Claus, Mona Lisas, Napoleons and Body Builders? Just add the new Magic Transformer to your website. This new animation tool will change the personalities of your visitors in no time. Explorer 5x/6x.
        Animated Moon Clock File Size:   M  
animation. Enhance your website with worlds first Moon Phase Clock. This unique and elegant web feature calculates the current phase of the moon and displays the moon as seen tonight. The tiny Moon Phase Clock fits smoothly into your webpage. Netscape Navigator 5x/6x and Explorer 5x/6x.
        EyeQ: test the IQ of your eyes File Size:   M  
game. Is your EyeQ as high as Albert Einsteins IQ? Test it now with our new free EyeQ! It takes just 30 seconds to prove that your EyeQ is unique. Great funtool to attract more visitors. Explorer 5x/6x.
        Splash Tracker File Size:   M  
animation. Splash Tracker is a stunning little DHTML animation you have never seen before. The random-image-engine creates a loooooooooong funny cursor trail out of a set of images. Add as many images as you like.Netscape Navigator 4x/6x and Explorer 4x/5x/6x
        Day n Night Worldmap File Size:   M  
utility. Where is night right now? Where is day? Daynnight worldmap paints the current nightzones and dayzones straight into a tiny worldmap! You may put the worldmap anywhere into your webpage. Explorer 5x/6x.
        Peepshow 3: flashlike image animation script File Size:   M  
animation. Worlds most sexy Peepshow is even more sexy now. Due to its popularity we have added several new features. Now it"s cross-browser working in IE5x/6x as well as NN4x/6x. Furthermore you may insert as many pictures as you like. True cut-and-paste installation. Very easy configuration of picture URLs, position and size of peephole. Netscape Navigator 4x/6x and Explorer 5x/6x.
        Easter Cursor Trailer File Size:   M  
animation. Add a touch of Easter to your website with this sweet little DHTML animation. True copy-and-paste installation. No configuration needed. Crossbrowser. Netscape Navigator 4x/5x/6x and Explorer 4x/5x/6x.
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